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Vehicle Spotlight: 2002 BMW 325xi

The 3-series has long been revered as a benchmark of automotive alchemy; a precise balancing act of refinement, sportiness and comfort.

The crown jewel of the kidney-shaped grilles

The crown jewel of the kidney-shaped grilles

There are red cars and then there’s a BMW dressed in Electric Red. Photos simply don’t do this flawless paint justice. I won’t fawn over the mint condition of this ride–just stop by and see for yourself.

If ever a vehicle rolls onto our lot that simply exudes excellence, this is it. If you’re a BMW-diehard you’ll call it the E46, while those of you shopping online will just call it a 2002 3-series. But those that drive one know it by its working title: The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Even though the odometer reads north of 80k, the rest of this Beemer doesn’t look a day over 20.

A truly-timeless BMW interior

A truly-timeless BMW interior

While you won’t find much tech inside, you’ll be treated to a well-appointed cabin and thoughtful, teutonic touches–amber gauges (easier on the eyes at night), one-touch windows all around (even a nation devoid of drive-thrus knows the struggle), and 12-way power seats that are evidence that, like most other things, Germans take sitting down very seriously. The gauge cluster even sports an analog gas mileage gauge that shows current mileage. Despite managing an EPA-estimated 26mpg, chances are you’ll be disregarding the real-time feedback this tool offers. The inline-6 simply sounds too good to hold back in the interest of fuel economy.

The MPG gauge swings between 12-50mpg more as a reminder that your gauge cluster is working rather than a driving aid

The MPG gauge swings between 12-50mpg more as a reminder that your gauge cluster is working rather than a driving aid

Once underway, the 3-series’ reveals itself as the epitome of quiet fortitude. Road noise is subdued and the exhaust is perfectly tuned for a sporty, yet hushed note, whether cruising around town or wide-open. The well-dampened suspension keeps both potholes and hairpins drama-free. If you seek more thrill, press the gas in a corner and you’ll discover why BMW insists on engineering a near-perfect front-rear weight balance coupled with rear-wheel drive. Even though this particular vehicle is AWD-equipped (xDrive in BMW-speak), BMW made it a point to bias the system to the rear, resulting in noticeably more responsive cornering and a better road feel.

Lastly, the trunk is commodious and the rear-seat, while tight in overall space, is well-cushioned and set lower than most, thus allowing for better knee and leg-room. A ski bag is integrated into the pass-through to the trunk, elevating this sport sedan to four-seater ski-mobile.The end result is a a true jack-of-all-trades: daily driver, track star and snowcat.

Springs Automotive Group is proud to present this 2002 BMW 325xi at our Englewood, CO showroom. Call 303-789-2886 for more information. 

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What do those 3 numbers on your tire mean? 195/70/R15

Do you know what those 3 numbers on your tire mean?  Seems complicated.

Springs Automotive Group Used Car Hints for used tires

Trust me when I tell you that neither did I when I started working in the world of used car dealerships in Colorado.  If you have ever shopped for used tires at any store or online you will see that they are asking for those 3 magic numbers.. Make sure you learn these 3 numbers because these numbers can dramatically effect the performance of your tires.

Just because your car or truck came with 4 new or used tires does not mean that you can’t switch them up. There are lots of things that you can do with your tires to increase the performance of your car.

The 1st number is the width of the tire in millimeters when its fully mounted on the rim but BEFORE you put it on your used car or truck.  The higher the number the more surface traction the tire is getting making it turn better on corners.  You will see Nascar Drivers and Drag Racers have very wide tires.  If you are looking to save on gas and have very little resistance, you would want to have a smaller number. Makes Sense?

The 2nd number is much more confusing, and is actually a ratio for the tire. More of a math question. To everyone except a tire technician, the bigger the number, the better MPG’s and comfortable your ride will be. The Smaller the number, the more sportier ride but may be a little rough. So stay big!  Usually you will see between 40-60 on cars.

The 3rd and last number is the radius of the tire in inches. So if you see R15 (Like in Picture above) It means that your tire is for a 15 inch rim. Generally, the smaller the rim the better miles per gallon you will get but you get worse handling so there is a tradeoff with both of them.  

Hope this helps!

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